Breeanne Macouzet

Breeanne is a Holistic Health Practioner, Yoga Teacher, and Self Love Coach. She helps beings heal, and awaken to their purpose and power. She is a strong believer that we have the capacity to create as much beauty in our lives as possible. Transforming her physical disease, its her purpose to hold that source of inspiration for others to awaken to their untaped power.

Yoga has played a crucial role in Breeanne’s life and in 2013 she received her teaching certification. She continues to devote her self to embodying the yogic principles and self realization studies. She attended International Professional School of Body Work for her HHP license where she saw the holistic approach to be the only sustainable way of living.

Articles by Breeanne Macouzet:

How backbends effect more than just your back
Back bends can be scary and intimidating because it’s the process of deeply opening yourself up to find what’s hiding beneath the surface. Revealing parts of yourself that are yet to be discovered. Emotional wounds, that are covered in buried treasures. The buried treasure...
Top 5 Yoga Mat Brands
As a Yoga teacher one of the most common questions I get presented with is “What is the best Yoga mat for me?”. Whether you’re a beginner student, or wanting to dive deeper into yoga, it’s wise to know the different types of mats out there and how they can revolutionize your practice. In my experience a Yoga mat can make or break your practice. I remember the first mat I owned, a PVC, no name Yoga mat (relatively cheap $30 and ineffective). I used it for a little less than a year, and almost every class my mat would bunch up or slide. Not to mention it wouldn’t provide the support I needed for my knees. I know I’m not alone with my Yoga mat issues. Yoga by itself can be physically uncomfortable and it is important to receive all the support we can through our mats!