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Yoga Festivals 2023

June 01-04
Namaste Yoga Festival
Luisengymnasium München
June 02-03
City of Om
LANSDOWNE PARK Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
June 02-04
The Yoga Shala Expo
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
June 03-04
Shoalhaven Yoga Festival
Ulladulla Civic Centre, NSW
June 09-11
Kula Yoga Festival of Luxembourg
Camping & Bungalowpark Fuussekaul Luxembourg
June 15-17
SYTAR - Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research
Hyatt Reston Washington, DC
June 17-18
YOGA FEST Thüringen
Kurpark Bad Berka Goetheallee 3 99438 Bad Berka
June 22-25
Telluride Yoga Festival
Telluride, CO, USA
June 30- July 02
Chamonix Yoga Festival
241 Allée du Majestic, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France
July 02-30
Ängsbacka Tantra Festival
Ängsbacka Nyeds-backa 511, 660 60 Molkom, Sweden
July 06-10
Barcelona Yoga Conference
Carrer Ramon Miquel i Planas 40-38| 08034 Barcelona , Spain
July 13-16
Hanuman Yoga Festival
Downtown Boulder, CO, USA
July 13-16
Bliss Beat Festival
Cascina Bellaria - Loc. Boschi n.47 - 15079 Sezzadio (Alessandria) - ITALY
July 14-23
Masters of Calm
Inis Rath Island, Derrilyn, North Of Ireland
July 20-23
Love Shine Play Festival
Ashville, NC, USA
July 21-30
Just Love Festival
The Ashram - Shree Peetha Nilaya, Geisberg, Springen, Germany
July 26-30
Yoga Fun Day
Santa Clara, CA, USA
August 03-06
World Yoga Festival
Henley Showground, Marlow Road, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 3AS.
August 05-13
European Yoga Festival
Chateau de Jambville – France
August 19-20
New Zealand Yoga Festival
Hawkes Bay, NZ
August 21-28
Kundalini Yoga Festival
Peresvet Hotel, Volgograd,  Russia
August 31- September 03
Floyd Yoga Jam
5555 Indian Valley Rd Willis, Floyd, VA, USA
August 31- September 03
Yoga Festival St. Anton
Arlberg, St. Anton, Austria
September 01-03
Yogafestival am Bodensee
Ostbad, Bodensee, Germany
September 04- June 09
Carpathian Yoga Fest
Izky, Zakarpats'ka oblast Ukraine
September 15-17
Bhakti Fest
Joshua Tree, CA, USA
September 15-17
Yogafestival Kitzbühel
A-ROSA resort, Ried Kaps 7, 6370 Kitzbühel, Austria
September 19-21
Kyrkogatan 2, 269 33 Båstad, Sweden
September 22-24
Kyrkogatan 2, 269 33 Båstad, Sweden
September 23-24
Ahimsa Yoga & Music Festival
Lakota's Farm | Cambridge, NY
October 13-15
Om Yoga Show
Alexandra Palace, London, UK
October 16-18
SYR - Symposium on Yoga Research
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, MA
October 23-29
Ibiza Tantra Festival
Club Hotel Portinatx San Juan Labritja 07810 Cala Portinatx, Spain
October 25-29
Lamu Yoga Festival
Shela, Lamu town and Manda Island. Lamu, Kenya
November 11-12
Bendigo Yoga Festival
Bendigo, VIC, Australia

What to do at Yoga Festival?

A lot. A whole lot. There are various classes for all levels going from sunrise until sunset – so be prepared for a fair amount of physical exertion. You can go with a regular style and try to augment your practice going forward. Or you could try something different and aim for some totally new experience. How about assuming a Warrior Pose on the surface of water? Or doing a Head Stand in a hammock, perhaps?

Get inspired
We all dream of finding a teacher that’s right for us. You may already have one, but at the festival of yoga there’s always someone to compare with. The organizers invite really best ones, and when you’re back at your native yoga studio, you’ll have a lot to share.

Be free
The yoga festival is by no means a gathering of hardcore yogis who can easily sit in a Lotus position or put their leg behind the ear. Most of the participants are regular people who attend a usual yoga class back home a couple of times a week. But those are the ones who eventually have made up their minds to push beyond their comfort zones.

International Yoga Festival at Rishikesh, India (March 1-7, 2016) Photo courtesy Kyer Wiltshire
International Yoga Festival at Rishikesh, India (March 1-7, 2016)
Photo courtesy Kyer Wiltshire

Make friends
Be prepared to make new exciting acquaintances. It will be simple and easy: on a week-end in a big nice company of people who are greatly in love with yoga, at the same level as you are.

Concerts and parties at yoga festivals is something really special. And, even if it’s like pulling teeth getting you onto the dancefloor back in your home town, especially when you’re totally exhausted after a long session practicing, here you won’t want to go to bed that early.

What to bring?

  • a yoga mat and a mat bag or sling
  • props, if you need them
  • a bottle for water
  • light and nutritious snacks
  • sunscreen, sunglasses and sun hat
  • a repellent
  • a towel
  • yoga clothes for various weather conditions
  • footwear for moving about the area
  • some cash
Bhakti Fest at Joshua Tree, CA, 2014Photo: Richard Nesdale
Bhakti Fest at Joshua Tree, CA, 2014
Photo: Richard Nesdale

What is the cost?

It’s around $100 per festival day based on the all-day pass* rate. Plus the cost of lodging. Festival websites always provide a list of lodging facilities available in the area at the time, including campsites where you can put up a tent*. If board is not included, make sure you factor in your possible food expenses, meals being pretty expensive down there. Plus things like T-shirts, souvenirs, disks, books, etc. Yes, the weekend may be quite pricey, but it’s definitely worth it.

* if you want a complete immersion 🙂

Wanderlust at Squaw Valley. Image courtesy of Wanderlust Festivals. Used by permission.
Wanderlust at Squaw Valley, 2014
Image courtesy of Wanderlust Festivals. Used by permission.

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