Emily Herrick

Emily Herrick is a yoga teacher living on Vashon Island, WA, a 20-minute ferry ride from Seattle, with her husband, Michael and redbone coonhound, Miele. She specializes in private yoga for greater mindfulness and strives to meet her students where they are to help them to grow into their best self. Her website is emilyherrickyoga.com and her Facebook page is facebook.com/emilyherrickyoga11

Articles by Emily Herrick:

Patience and Trust in Intuition: Hidden Gifts of my Yoga Practice
A yoga practice can enhance many aspects of our lives: awareness, mindfulness, flexibility, strength and so much more. Cultivating patience and trust in intuition are probably not the first that come to mind. In my 21-year practice, however, these have been the hidden gifts that have brought so much more than I ever imagined when I first took up yoga.