Kate Lundquist

Kate Lundquist has been a yoga instructor for 8 wonderful, heartfelt years, and a practitioner for 12. She has studied with Shiva Rea, Ganga White and Tracey Rich, Shala Worsley, Kofi Busia, Stephanie Snyder, and Erich Schiffman, and currently teaches at Asheville Yoga Center. Kate is also a freelance writer for the wellness section of the local paper, Mountain Xpress, and project manager for a web design company for spiritual entrepreneurs, PowerUp Productions. She believes you can weave your life together to create the life you want to live.

Articles by Kate Lundquist:

Twisting: Why Do We Do These Asanas?
Yoga is an evolutionary process. I learned this in my first yoga teacher training program at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. I had no idea how accurate that was until now, 8 years later, and I see not only my practice changing and evolving. I see hundreds of people attending Wanderlust...
Top 5 Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga
When I first started practicing heated yoga, I slipped all over the place on my $10 Target mat. It was incredibly tough to maintain my hand and foot placement and my practice suffered, even though my teacher told me that over time I would slip less as I became stronger. I tried for a while, but it didn’t get any better. I decided to check out some of my options, and since then I have loved using my favorite mats for hot yoga classes. Below are my favorites from the last 10 years: