Causes and Treatment of Muscle Trembling

Virabhadrasa II (Warrior Pose II)
Virabhadrasa II (Warrior Pose II)
First of all, we would like to clarify that we are speaking about ‘trembling’ as a result of physical exertion, which is different from muscle spasms or tremors as possible symptoms of some disease. Most often, body trembling during practice occurs when experiencing prolonged static loads, during which time you must hold the body in one position for a prolonged period. Contrary to popular belief, trembling is something that is well known to not only beginners. It is experienced even by Yogis with many years of experience, although they usually experience this during high-intensity practices, often combined with fasting or cleansing.

Why do muscles tremble?

Our muscles’ main functions are contracting and stretching. Perfected over millennia of human evolution, this work is performed according to the norm during a usual dynamic load. However, the static load is very specific. We experience it rarely in daily life; so, in asanas, our body is doing something that it has not done before. The muscles are trying to cope with this extra work load in their usual way; therefore, they become tired quickly, and the coherence of muscle fibres is broken. All of this leads to trembling. Additional contributing factors include overwork, stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, etc. So to say, these factors pour oil into the fire.

What to do when trembling occurs?

  • Listen to yourself. Continue to perform the asana if you feel that the trembling is only being caused by the load. It is strengthening your body. Stop and move to more gentle postures if such tremors are accompanied by a painful condition or appear as a result of such a condition. Be careful when performing balancing postures.
  • Breathe! Try to ‘breath through’ a trembling part of the body. Count breaths; it helps with concentration.
  • Direct your attention inward, keep tracking unnecessary stress, and relax as needed. Control your body.
  • Do not be shy of others. Remember, you do Yoga not to be better than someone else, but to become better yourself.

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