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Top 5 Yoga Mat Brands

As a Yoga teacher one of the most common questions I get presented with is “What is the best Yoga mat for me?”. Whether you’re a beginner student, or wanting to dive deeper into yoga, it’s wise to know the different types of mats out there and how they can revolutionize your practice.

In my experience a Yoga mat can make or break your practice. I remember the first mat I owned, a PVC, no name Yoga mat (relatively cheap $30 and ineffective). I used it for a little less than a year, and almost every class my mat would bunch up or slide. Not to mention it wouldn’t provide the support I needed for my knees. I know I’m not alone with my Yoga mat issues.

Yoga by itself can be physically uncomfortable and it is important to receive all the support we can through our mats!

Model: Breeanne Macouzet on Manduka Pro Light. Photographer: Jessica Bernstein
Model: Breeanne Macouzet on Manduka Pro Light. Photographer: Jessica Bernstein

While there are many different brands of yoga mats to choose from, there are 5 top brands that you cannot go wrong with and there are advantages to each one. Here is an overview of the top 5 brands that will allow you to choose the perfect mat for you!

Manduka PROlite Mat


The Manduka pro mat is THE Tesla of mats in the Yoga realm, with its lifetime guarantee it is impossible to replace. Yogis are throwing down $72 for the Pro and if there the artsy, colorful type the limited edition compliments their style at $128. It’s ideal for hot yoga with the non slip, closed cell surface to keep moisture and bacteria from seeping in. Lengthy, wide, and provides comfortable support with high density cushion. The biggest down fall is the weight, being on the heavier side weighing 7.5 lbs. Many yogis think because of the weight it’s not practical to travel with but love for an at home practice. If you travel a lot, and have a mid size body I would suggest the PRo light. It’s slightly cheaper being $80, and weighs 4 lbs and still provides the cushion needed. All in all, I’ve never heard of anyone not loving their Manduka!

Jade Harmony Mat


Jade mats are the Prius of Yoga Mats with a much more democratic price of $74.95 for their most popular Harmony mat. New York city’s most “It” mat, and with every purchase made they give back to the earth by planting a tree. Also with particular colors purchased they give back $5 to Cancer or Autism Charities. All Jade mats are made sustainably from tree rubber, and have a unique feel. The only down fall to Jade is they will start to disintegrate over time. if you live in weather conditions that are hotter you have to be mindful to not leave in the sun because it will dissolve much quicker. All in all we love Jade because of how earth conscious they are.

prAna E.C.O. Mat


Out of all the Prana mats, the most favored is the E.C.O mat priced at $47.49. It’s fans love the lightweight and comfortable feel of the mat. The downfall is complaints of slipping with more advanced practitioners and easily getting dirty. All in all, this mats is great for yin, restorative and gentle yoga!

Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute Mat

Hugger Mugger

Hugger Mugger mats are the king of travel mats. Known for their lightweight and durability. The Sattva Jute, priced at $36.84 is a well loved mat among the Hugger Mugger family. It’s a best seller, eco friendly, and a beautiful hand made mat. The downfall is their mats are on the thinner side, not providing as much support. All in all, they are favored by the traveling Yogi!

Lululemon Mat


Lululemon Yoga mat is the queen of Hot Yoga mats with a price of $68. It soaks up all your sweat with an antimicrobial additive to help prevent bacteria and mold. Yogis love this mat because of the sturdy grip, feeling “one with your mat”. You can guarantee you won’t be sliding or slipping in your inversion practice!
The down fall is the smell takes a while to subside, and its more prone to stains after use. All in all, Lulu has taken care of the sweaty yogis!

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